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Cake, Bread, Brownie Mixes and more

Firenza Bread and Cake Mixes - oven ready in minutes!

Firenza Irresistible Baking Mixes are special blends of ingredients created to give you the homemade taste of “from scratch” baking in just minutes.  Firenza baked goods look and taste homemade because our recipes were created in a kitchen using traditional ingredients.

We use the highest quality ingredients to ensure you’re satisfied with the wonderful taste and texture in every bite.  Customers tell us they’ve replaced their secret family recipes with our easy to make mixes because they simply taste better and are easier to make – but we won’t tell.

So whether you’re planning a large gathering or just want to bake something special for your family or friends, our breads, cakes and bars are sure to please everyone!

"Best brownie mix money can buy! You need to get the word out so more people can enjoy!"
Steve - Vancouver, WA

Traditional Bread Mixes

Traditional Sweet Corn Bread Mix
Jalapeno & Cheddar Cornbread
Sun-Dried Tomato & Cheese Focaccia
Traditional Beer Bread

Desert & Cake Mixes

Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix
Chocolate Ecstasy Cake
Oatmeal Cranberry Bar
Traditional Shortbread Mix

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